“I use to sit at home alone most days feeling depressed. Since coming to Grantstown I am happy, I enjoy people’s company, playing cards, pongo and I’ve even started dancing! I love the food, the fun and the staff.”

Liam, Daycare Patron

Audrey & Gerry came to Grantstown about a year ago. They were not living in suitable accommodation and due to Gerry’s failing health, Grantstown Community Village was recommended by a friend. Audreys initial reaction was that Grantstown was only for older people, but once they visited they were very impressed by how friendly and helpful everyone was.

“It has changed our life – the Nurses & Staff are all helpful and always ready to assist. We feel like were in a holiday camp, we feel so safe and we are sleeping well again at night. We encourage people to come and see for themselves”

Audrey & Gerry, Residents

Larry first attended Grantstown in 1950 to attend mass. Later in life he was a member of the board at Grantstown and is now a resident in Grantstown Community Village. “I enjoy the company immensely and I like playing cards & bingo in the centre. Everyone is so good to me & the meals are powerful. I would advise people to come to Grantstown as there’s so much going on. You don’t have to be an expert at anything – just give it a go”

Larry, Resident

“Grantstown is life changing! It has given me a purpose to get up in the mornings and has changed my outlook in life. I now get up early and am ready and eagerly waiting to be collected by the bus to go to Grantstown. I find the staff outstanding and love every minute spent here.”

Mary, Daycare Patron