Grantstown Priory Scheme Co Ltd by Guarantee is a non profit community based  charitable organisation which relies on DSP & HSE  funding to run its day to day activities, as well as running various fundraising events throughout the year. We are also grateful for the donations we receive from people, which go back into our services to help those in most need of support.

We provide Day Care facilities for the senior citizens that are isolated in our community.  We offer support for those that have limited mobility or mental/physical disabilities. We maximise the utilisation of available local resources and community facilities and in so doing, provide a worthwhile and meaningful service.

We encourage and promote community spirit where all participants can feel a sense of belonging, inclusiveness, unity and value.

Maybe one day, you or a loved one will come visit us, but for now we really need your help. If you can, then please make a donation to support our work, or you can sign up to give a monthly donation. If you are a PAYE or self assessed tax payer, a donation of €21 per month could be worth €362 to us, and at no extra cost to you. We understand if you cannot commit to a monthly donation, but rest assured any donation we receive is very much appreciated and your donation goes directly into providing services to our residents and clients. You can make a donation simply by clicking on any of the buttons below. Thank you.

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