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Tomi Reichental was born in Slovakia in 1935.  At the age of 9 he was captured and deported along with 12 family members to a  concentration camp.

As one of only 3 Holocaust survivors living in Ireland, Tomi is  mindful that the horrors of the Holocaust will soon pass from memory to history.  Words from Paddy Fitzgibbon  (Memorial at Listowel, Co. Kerry)

“Our generation, and the generation after us, will be the last that will be able to say that we stood and shook the hands of some of those who survived.”

Tomi is on a mission of remembrance and we are honoured here in Grantstown Community Village that Tomi has agreed to come to share his unbelievable story with us and our community.

Please come and join us on Friday 19th July at 7.30 p.m. to listen to Tomi’s chilling and shocking story…yet remember we are so privileged to hear about his journey and what a piece of history it is.  Please note this is a free event.